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Balances the energy fields, especially the first 12 layers of the etheric bodyand the charkas. Its key function is transformation.

The Icosahedron is also available in peach, green, blue,dichroic and single or double bevelled clear glass.

Prices range from $115 to $580.

Masterpiece - compound of cube and octahedron
Supports the shift of the DNA patterns and thought forms to change and become closer aligned withy ones soul purpose and desires.

The masterpiece is available in peach, green, blue, dichroic, single and double bevelled glass....or a combination as seen in the picture below.

Prices start from $265

Merkaba-star tetrahedron
Great for healing and protection and assists us in our spiritual growth, connecting us to our higher self.
They bring balanced healing light and power to any room they are hung in.

Our Merkabas are also available in blue, peach, green,dichroic and single or double bevelled glass.

Prices range from $135 to $2500

Its key function is integration. Allowing metaphysical/spiritual principles so that the earth/physical plane may be elevated along with the personal.

Stellated dodecahedron
Stellated dodecahedron
Element ether/spirit
Key function access higher worlds

This shape captures the higher celestial aspect of our divine consciousness, as it is Stellated at the golden ratio of 1.618, the frequency of the divine proportion.
It captures our connection to the higher dimension/great spirit.

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