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The Moller Pavilion

It's called a pavilion because there is as much about the outside as there is being inside "The Moller"*. A large verandah, windows and open panels on all walls, make this an "inside out" or an "outside in" building that is more in the tradition of a pavilion rather than a hall.

There's a kitchen and a kitchenette at the other end. There's fridges, stoves, an urn and a microwave. Tables and chairs. Cutlery (knives, forks, spoons....) and crockery (plates, cups...)

A building of a hundred uses; drumming lessons, meditation, exercise and yoga classes, club meetings, birthday and anniversary parties, weddings and any other function or event.

The location is in town, in the middle of Bangalow, so it's a quieter function centre, not a rave place.

* Named after Vic Moller a past distinguished member of the Bangalow Showground committee.



Historical Pictures

The verandah overlooks the showground fields.